Fireproof the Movie

There is a good looking movie called Fireproof that is coming out in September. It is from the same people that made Facing the Giants (as well as the crap movie Flywheel) Fireproof tackles the challenges of marriage. I am looking forward to this. I think that there are a lot of people around us that need the conversation opened up about how to invest better in a relationship. I know that I and my wife needed it a few years ago, and it sure wouldn’t hurt to take a fresh look today. I can see this being a great reason to have some group dates and then starting some much needed healing or deepening (BTW a great Missio Dei opportunity for the youth to take all the kids so that parents can go out and rediscover each other for an evening!) . Can’t you see it now, five or six couples going out, having dinner and going to a movie, then starbucks afterwards! From there, starting a journey of restoration, healing and oneness.

Not only can this be great in helping those in a marriage, but it may help young people have a better understanding of commitment before they step into things. I am working with a couple right now that seem to think they have everything figured out and can’t conceive that anything will go wrong in their soon-to-be marriage. Boy are they in store for a reality check.

I am sure that there will be more hype in the coming weeks, but in the mean time, you can at least enjoy this little teaser. Please be aware that it takes a little while to load.



5 Responses

  1. This is an imazing video amen

  2. Crap video? That’s a crap comment.

  3. My husband and I went to see this movie the day it came out. We both were teared up. The whole theatre was oooing and ahhhing. Laughing and crying too. I believe this is the best movie I have ever seen and plan to get it and get as many copies as possible to pass to those that don’t go to the movies. I am overwhelemed at the reality of it all. It fits most familes everywhere. God sure did have his hand on this one and intented for the public to see it. I give it 5 stars and would give more if the scale would allow it.

  4. Eric what didn’t you like about it?

  5. I recently saw “Fireproof”, and although the acting was not superb, the overall themes were. It inspired me to purchase “The Love Dare” book. I hope that my following “The Love Dare” has the same effect on my marriage that it had on Caleb’s marriage in the movie.


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